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Quiz By : 3071009W


1.  What is a Polar covalent bond
 A covalent bond between atoms that differ in electronegativity

2.  What is plasma?
 Ionized Gas in stars
 1s and 0s
 Answer 1 and 3

3.  which Phase of matter is highly compressible

4.  Dispersion forces are found...

5.  Surface tension is...
 The energy required to strech a liquid

6.  Deposition is the change from a gas to a solid directly. True or False

7.  Endothermic means...
 The absorption of heat
 the expulsion of heat

8.  Exothermic means...
 to give off heat
 to absorb heat

9.  Sublimation- change from solid to gas directly

10.  Melting point is when a solid changes to a liquid.

11.  Boiling point- when a liquid changes to a gas
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