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Quiz By : Kage Neko

Naruto Quiz 1

1.  How did Nagato get his rinnegan?
 He inherited it from his parents
 Yahiko gave it to him
 Madara implanted them into him when he was to young to remember
 He got it after Yahiko died
 He got it after watching his parents die
 It was passed down to him from the Sage of Six Paths

2.  What does Madara mean in english?
 The Best

3.  How many akatsuki commit suicide?

4.  Who does Obito use as his six paths?
 The Jinchuuriki
 The Akatsuki
 Past Uchihas
 White Zetsu Clones

5.  What are the names of Nagato's paths?
 Diva, Pretzel, Azura, Animal, Human,and Naraka
 Deva, Preta, Asuma, Animal, Dog, and Naraka
 Deva, Preta, Asura, Animal, Love, and Naraku
 Diva, Preta, Azura, Alien, Human, and Miroku
 Deva, Preta, Asura, Animal, Human, and Naraka
 Diva, Pretzel, Azura, Fox, Girl, and tree

6.  What is Rin's last name?

7.  What are the bijuus 1-9's names?
 Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi, Nanabi, Hachibi, and Kyuubi
 Tanuki, Nekomata, Ushi-oni, and Kitsune
 One-tail, Two-tails, three-tails, Four-tails, Five-tails, Six-tails, Seven-tails, Eight-tails, Nine-tails
 Shukaku, Metatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama
 Shukaku, Nekomata, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi Ushi-oni, and kitsune
 Raccoon, Cat, Turtle, Monkey, Dog Horse, Slug, Bug, Octopuse Ox, and Fox

8.  Why did Obito lose to Guy in the second stage of the chunin exams?
 He sucks
 He didn't
 He gave up
 He saw a squirrel
 He lost in the first stage
 He choked on candy when he tried to use the fireball jutsu to impress Rin

9.  What was jiraiya's message he wrote on the back of the frog and who was it for?
 The real one's not among them; Naruto
 I hate you all; Konoha
 I told you this would happen; Tsunade
 I love you; Tsunade
 You suck; Naruto
 Your all going to die; Konoha

10.  How many akatsuki were there in all?
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