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Quiz By : EmmaC123

How well do you know the Wizard Earl?

1.  How did the 11TH Earl (Wizard Earl) inherit the Manor of Kilkea?
 His half brother died was killed by King Henry
 It was always his
 He bought it

2.  Why did the Wizard Earl have to leave Kilkea?
 He went on a holiday
 He was on the run from King Henry
 He didn't like Kildare anymore

3.  Why do the people of Kilkea call him the Wizard Earl?
 He was a Wizard, his best friend was Harry Potter
 He had an interest in alchemy (art of changing base metals to gold)
 It was his nickname

4.  How did the Earl of Kildare die?
 In the tower of London after he was arrested
 In a rebellion at Kilkea castle

5.  Could the Wizard Earl be the headless horse-man?
 Yes he was beheaded at the castle
 Yes he had a horse
 No he was never even beheaded

6.  Is the Wizard Earl buried at Kilkea Castle?
 Yes beside Silken Thoman
 No his remains are somewhere in Kildare | Copyright 2006-2008