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Quiz By : Dreamlight

What's Your Warrior Cat name, clan, and rank?

1.  What's your favorite color?
 Sharp Blue
 Any Color that's bright

2.  What's your personality?
 Shy, but bright
 Moody, and dark
 Sharp, but concerned
 Strong, and confident
 Not sure
 Gentle and caring

3.  What's your gender?

4.  Who's your favorite cat out of the ones listed?

5.  Your attacked by an enemy patrol, what do you do?
 Fight to the death
 Run for help
 Try to save everyone
 Help the weakest
 Get untrained apprentices to safety

6.  Your clan leader holds a private meeting, what do you do?
 Don't need to do anything, you're there
 Hope there's not another battle
 Look after the kits so they stay put
 Force answers out of those who were there
 Sneak out, and get in trouble | Copyright 2006-2008