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What does Naruto,Sakura,Sasuke and Kakushi think of u???

1.  Nietah/me:hey everyone so some of my best friends are going to be here and gonna ask some stuff and blah blah blah
 where's My Sasuke-chan*fangirl screem*(me:oh great its u :)
 Hi!let's start!!!(me:OK!!!)
 ......(me:itz ok I won't hurt u)

2.  Me:Why don't we bring in the people we all have been waiting for!....uhmm*looks around*where are they...wait Naruto!!! Come in here!!! Naruto:I'm here I'm here relax Me:oh stut ask a quetion! Naruto:can I get a kiss first? Me:No!!!!!Sasuke naruto is hurting on me again!!!! Naruto:No I'm not!!!ok u Like remen??? *sasuke walks in and slaps Naruto* Sasuke:u idiot!*thoughs naruto out of room*
 I love remon:D(Naruto:I love u Sasuke:I told u to get out of here!)
 I like remen but not as much as u Naruto:)
 Sasuke!!!Sasuke!!!Sasuke!!! (me:Oh God)
 .....(Sasuke:U see Naruto u scared her u idiot Naruto:No I didn't!!! me: u guys are scraring her now)

3.  *sasuke through Naruto out of the room* Me/nietah: So now that's done...Sasuke-kak would u plz ask a question! Sasuke:do I have too? Nietah:YES!Sasuke!!! Sasuke:okay okay!calm down.....mmmm if I come up to u and say let's take a walk what will u will u do? Me:Wow that's very good sasuke high five!*high fives*
 well that's a easy one I'll take a nice long walk together(me&sasuke:wow that's a very nice one
 I'll be shook at first but I'll say sure!
 Sasuke!!!!!*runs to sasuke hugges him tightly* Oh Yes!!!!!
 .............*blushes*(me:Talk!!!!...oh u are blushing sasuke:I like this one but she more shy then hinata)

4.  Me:sasuke you can go now! Sasuke:whatever*I run to him and hug him tight& kisses cheek* bye sasuke! Sasuke: not now!!!*blushes and leaves* Me:kk kakushi come in! *kakashi walks in reading his book*im here Nietah-chan Me:yaaa!!!!kakashi is here ok ok ask a question!!!! Kakashi:*covers ears* my ears! Me: sorry now ask a Question already! Kakashi:what's ur Favourte Col-.. Me:ahh!!! They are going to kill u!!!*runs around* Kakashi:*turns on his shunninggun jutsus* I'll like to see them try!!!
 Yellow!!!:) doesn't really matter(=|
 You bitch why did u kiss my Sasuke !!!!!!!!!(me: I'm his girlfriend and not some fangirl
 ....other...(me:SHE SPEAKS!!!!!!)

5.  Me:bye Kakashi!!!! *kakashi leaving*me:say bye u meany!!! *waves goodbye*me:Rude! everyone is done*sakura walks in*me:oh Sakurma is next ask a *yawns*...a question! u like my hair? Me:*falling asleep* sakura: hey wake up u b*#-+! *me falls off chair*im a wake I'm a wake!!!
 I like it but I more of a blonde person*me:Naruo!!I found u a girlfriend*
 .....I don't really care*me:I know right!)
 Where's my Sasukey!!!!(me:oh god its on*me runs over to u and kills u will my sword me:I hate fangirls)
 .....its cool......maybe(me:SHE SPEAKS AGAIN)

6.  Me/nietah:NARUTO!SASUKE!KAKASi!get ur sorry butts in here now*they all come back* Me:Say bye to out pretty quizztaker!!! NARUTO:See ya! SASUKE:..later... KAKASHI:until we meet again! SAKURA:BYE! ME:BYE For Now!!!
 See ya!!!
 sEe u guys later:*
 ...bye... | Copyright 2006-2008