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Quiz By : Angelwolf14

What anime wolf are you

1.  If you were just walking around and someone jumped out of the bush at you what do you do?
 Bring it on lets fight
 i have no reason to fight you now be gone
 leave me alone
 ahhhhhhhhh run
 hide quick hide everyone

2.  If you had a girl/guy following you around and she/he just wont leave you alone what do you say when you see her/him?
 go away your creaping me out
 hello there may i ask why you following me around is there a problem?
 oh hey cutie
 whats wrong with you why you following me
 i have to reason to be here good day
 s s s stop f following m me a all r ready.....

3.  Your enemy pack leader is in your area with out permission what do you do?
 hide he will go away
 pretend its not happening and tell your pack leader
 confront your enemy and seek what he wants
 back off leave now !!!!!!!!!!
 -sneak around you enemy hoping he dont notice your there then run to your leader

4.  Your in love with another wolf but you dont know how to say it what would be best do you think?
 hey cute girl ya you
 um may i ask something it may seem a little odd but...
 -gaze into his/her eyes in hope they will fall for you-
 speak nothing of it and walk away until she/he notices you
 your to shy say nothing and hide your love
 hello i'm (------) i would like to add your hair is super cute tonight

5.  a random pup comes to you and barks at you what do you do?
 poor thing i shall help find its mother
 aww how cute
 Bah go away
 what a sweet little pup she must be missing her mother come pup lets find her
 -stand proud and tall and hope the pup will look up to you
 o oh h Hi little pup puppy | Copyright 2006-2008