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Quiz By : nbolin80

What's your Raptor?

1.  What is your personality type?
 Laid-back and pragmatic, taking what I can when I can.
 Creative and experimental, I am curious about the world around me.
 Cold and back-stabbing, I will do whatever it takes to get my way.
 Powerful and assertive, I'm not afraid to muscle my way through life.
 Silent, watchful, and solitary, I am patient and calculating when it comes to getting ahead.

2.  You are almost broke, and you're hungry. How do you go about getting your next meal?
 If I can find a cheap meal, fine. If not, I can go without food until I find a means of supporting myself.
 Ask a friend for money.
 Steal the money, or the food instead.
 Look up ways to make easy home-made meals out of raw foodstuffs.
 Wait out the hunger until an opportunity passes your way.

3.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
 Invisibility, wall crawling or other stealth abilites.
 Electricity, flying, fire, ice, or super-jump.
 Strength, speed, and agility.
 Telekinesis and/or telepathy
 Super-intelligence and a vast wisdom.

4.  What is one of your favorite colors?
 Red or Blue
 Yellow, purple, brown, orange, or pink
 All the colors of the rainbow
 Black, grey, or white

5.  Imagine this: you are in a bank when two robbers enter and hold the teller at gunpoint. What do you do?
 Do what any normal person would do--hunker down and call the police.
 Break the robbers' necks with my trusty Bo staff.
 Hide and document the whole even with your cellphone.
 Try to reason with the robbers.
 Join up with the robbers for a share of the loot.

6.  What types of movies or games do you enjoy?
 Game shows, trivia, etc.
 Action & Adventure, comedies
 Any show that comes on the television

7.  What's your idea of fine cuisine?
 I'll eat anything you put in front of me, so long as it doesn't kill me.
 I prefer the finer things--caviar, sushi, prime rib, and other delicacies.
 I'll try anything, if it's new.
 I'll go the extra mile if it means getting something I really enjoy.
 Something quick, easy, and cheap. | Copyright 2006-2008