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Quiz By : marill2

Pokemon Theories!

1.  If you have a Cubone who couldn't be a baby Kangaskhan because Cubones aren't blue-ish purple,what else could Cubone be?
 A baby Marowak who is the baby of Cubone (wut?)
 Cyndaquil(white feet)

2.  Which one could be the real Woobbuffet?
 The blue part!
 The tail!

3.  in Pokemon Red and Blue,you battled your rival in the S.S.Anne against his Raticate but after that battle he was in the tower and he didn't use his Raticate at all.How come?
 He abandoned it.
 In his PC.
 It died.

4.  Paras has 2 mushrooms on it's back but when it evolves,it only has one and with the other mushroom the pupils are gone with it.How?
 The shell took over the whole body and does the thinking.
 It battles with it's eyes closed and ate the other one.
 Paras grew too big for those two and took a big one as it's shell instead.

5.  The Gold and Silver cave theme sounds familiar.Why?
 Familiar?Nah,there's no way someone could EVER copy a song from Pokemon!
 The song from Goldplay!Clocks!

6.  The 3 Ghost type pokemon evolutions have their own theories.What are Gastly's?
 Gastly is a dead version of Cloyster.
 Gastly is a gas version of Gengar.
 Gastly is a mutated Shellder.

7.  Shuppet is a...
 Unicorn Voltorb wearing a reaper cloth.
 Rotom wearing a reaper cloth.
 Banette's preevolution.

8.  Ekans is Snake backwards, Arbok is Kobra backwards and Rotom is ______ backwards.
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