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Quiz By : warriors123

Which warrior position are you fit to be?

1.  who killed brokenstar?

2.  which is the first book in the warriors series?[aka first series]
 into the wild
 the darkest hour
 the fourth apprentice
 the last hpope
 fire and ice

3.  which cat is born blind?

4.  which cat went to the moonstone to get nine lives as a leader but was refused by starclan?

5.  which warrior mentored berrypaw?
 leafpool [medicine cat]

6.  who fulfilled the deathly prophecy 'blood will spill blood and the lake will run red'?

7.  what part of firestars body got stuck in the trap hawkfrost set?

8.  who are hollyleaf jayfeather and lionblaze's mom and dad?
 ashfur and ferncloud
 squirrelflight and brambleclaw
 firestar and sandstorm
 leafpool and crowfeather
 sorreltail and brackenfur
 cloudtail and brightheart

9.  which cat loses its ninth life in the battle with the dark forest?

10.  most importantly are you a warriors fan?
 duh i love warriors and would die if it expired
 nuh uh just thought the quiz was cool
 definently........NOT | Copyright 2006-2008