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Quiz By : bishophouston

CHOF Ministry Bible Trivia

1.  What did King Jehosophat build with King Ahaziah that were later destroyed by God?

2.  King Jehoram was inflicted with a disease in what part of his body?
 His Bowels
 His arms
 His feet
 His eyes

3.  Who succeeded Jehoram as king?

4.  Who ruled Judah after Ahaziah's death?
 His sister
 His daughter
 His mother
 His niece

5.  What priest organized the overthrow of Queen Athaliah?

6.  How long did Joash reign as King?
 25 years
 40 years
 10 years
 15 years

7.  Who succeeded Uzziah as king?

8.  How old was Jotham when he became king?
 40 years old
 21 years old
 4 years old
 25 years old

9.  How long did Jotham reign as king?
 8 years
 12 years
 16 years
 2 years

10.  Who succeeded Jotham as king?
 Uzziah | Copyright 2006-2008