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Quiz By : H1O2R3S4E5

Do you place a spot in a warrior clan?

1.  Who was leader in Thunderclan in Twilight?

2.  In which book does Firestar die?
 Dark River
 The Sun Trail
 The Darkest hour
 The Last Hope
 The Fourth Apprentice

3.  How many books are in every series ?

4.  Which cat from the journey dies in Moonrise? It is a Riverclan warrior.

5.  Based on your knowledge, who was Bluestar's kit who died young?
 This is false,none of Bluestar's kits died.

6.  Who is on the cover of Twilight?

7.  Who is the main character of The Last Hope?

8.  Which of these died in kitting?

9.  Which clan is the main focus on the whole Warriors series?

10.  BONUS QUESTION!!!!!!!! Who is leader after Bramblestar? (All of these names are the ones they would be when leader.)
 Tawnystar | Copyright 2006-2008