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Quiz By : H1O2R3S4E5

What Is Your Warrior Cat Name?

1.  What color pelt would you have?
 Black and white
 Misty gray
 Dark tabby
 Silver and white
 Smoky black

2.  What color eyes would you have?
 Amber orange
 Cloudy eyes
 Sea green
 Pale green
 Ice blue

3.  Which clan would you belong to?
 None-evil rouge

4.  What would your mate (if you have one) be like?
 Loyal to you and your clan
 Evil traitor who plots to destroy the clan
 Shy but generous
 Secret keeper
 I don't have a mate
 Brave warrior

5.  How many clans would you be loyal to?
 1, my own clan
 None, I want to destroy the forest
 2,I'm half clan
 I follow the warrior code
 I am loyal to the lights of starclan
 I am loyal to every cat who obeys me

6.  What position would you be in?
 Spirit queen
 Elder leader

7.  What personality would you have?
 Generous and kind
 Highly intelligent
 Sweet and kind
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