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Quiz By : emaurer

Jonah Review

1.  Where did God tell Jonah to go?
 New York City

2.  Instead of listening to God, Jonah tried to run away by taking a ship to______________.
 Tel Aviv

3.  What was Jonah doing when God sent the storm?
 practicing his Ashrei
 trying to row back to shore

4.  What was the sailors response when Jonah first told them that he was the reason there was a storm?
 they threw him in the ocean
 they continued to pray to God
 they tried to row back to shore
 they put on raincoats and braved the storm

5.  According to the text, what happened when Jonah was thrown into the ocean?
 He put on his life jacket and swam to safety
 He was swallowed by a whale
 He was swallowed by a "great fish"
 He was rescued by the sailors

6.  How many days did Jonah spend in the belly of the great fish?

7.  God asked Jonah for a second time to go to Nineveh. How many days were the people given to repent?

8.  Jonah was ________ when God cancelled the punishment on Nineveh.

9.  After God cancelled the punishment, what did Jonah do?
 had a party
 fell asleep outside the city
 went back home
 was swallowed by a whale

10.  God taught Jonah a lesson by growing a plant over Jonah and then sending a _______ to destroy it
 snow | Copyright 2006-2008