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Quiz By : saphireruby

what is your magic type?

1.  You are blamed for something you did not do. First reaction-
 Keep a calm look and try to hide your boiling blood
 Decide to take revenge on the person who blamed you later no matter what.
 Punch them, thinking only after you acted.
 Say i like pie with an excited voice.
 Calmly suggest it may not have been you.
 Emit a deep growling sound wordlessly. (awkward)

2.  If you had any super power, it would be-
 To be able to speak to animals
 To control fire an water
 TO have super ULTRA spiderman power and to have a happy day at night.
 The ability to control other people.
 To have power over the climate, like exploding volcanoes and cool stuff like that.
 Heal any sickness in the world.

3.  Which is the most powerful?
 Super farts. Duh.
 Firestorms and Volcanoes! Oh, yeah!
 LOVE! I love you, all of you!
 A tornado of coolness.
 Mother Nature- my big momma!

4.  You see a cat attacking a baby bird. What do you do?
 You grab the nearest rock and throw it at the cat.
 Kick the cat like the wind.
 You run over, save the baby bird, and feed the cat some bacon. nice.
 Quietly let nature take its course. YA idiot!!
 You watch, eyes glued and unable to move until the bird has been demolished. How kind.
 You get some popcorn and enjoy the show.

5.  someone keeps picking on your bff. (thats girl talk for best friend forever)
 Remain clam, yet always be prepared for a fight.
 Tap the bully on the nose. Real hard. :)
 Stay hidden in the background and let Alpha fight Omega. Wimp.
 Tease your friend some more.
 Play chess with your cousin Susie.
 Explode and attack the bully out of no where. Like a boss, yo!

6.  YOU are offered your dream job, but you will not see your family for almost a year.
 Asta Lavista, baby! (did i spell that right?)
 You float to your new occupation.
 I smell arm pits for a living already. Doesn't get better than that!
 Your family is more important than your goal in life.
 I have no idea what to do....
 Make plans to try to divide time between family and job evenly.

7.  Your favorite type of life is
 Full of twist and turns
 Limitless and with no regrets. Ever.
 Bursting with energy and excitement.
 On Mars with your cousin.
 The path that life gives you. If that makes sense to any one.
 At peace with nature. That means using leaves as toilet paper, if you were wondering.

8.  Your favorite tima of day and weather is-
 Thunderstorms, preferably at night.
 Every day during the daily solar eclipse. I am very good at science.
 Any weather any time
 The evening with cloudy, tropical weather.
 Warm mornings when birds begin waking up and sing.
 Day time at hot places with high humidity

9.  During times of crisis, you like to-
 Uplift others.
 Shout at others and let anger control you.
 Go outside and think of brighter days.
 Rest and eat with your pack ( i mean family )
 Keep solitary and create a plan alone
 Act normal for once.

10.  Three good words to describe you are-
 me, myself, and I
 Sympathetic, understanding, and caring.
 Rebellious, bursting, and bubbly.
 Wily, sleek, and sneaky.
 Naive, natural, and determined.
 SurpRisiNg, RandOm, and CloWny.

11.  Often you find yourself-
 With clenched fist and/or teeth.
 Watching the news.
 Playing chess with Suzie..... I need to get a life. :(
 Jealous or upset.

12.  you think you are-
 A human artist
 A dark mage
 A nature mage
 An Elementalist
 A weather specialist
 A Life Mage | Copyright 2006-2008