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Quiz By : ivcho666

Maths for smart guys

1.  A, B and C are digits of nubers. A+B=C. AB, multiplied by X, is ACB. What is the amount of X?

2.  If the sum of A and B is constant, when A*B is bigger?
 When the difference between A and B is smaller
 When the difference between A and B is bigger
 no matter
 it can not be solved

3.  Which is the next number in the order: 6, 10, 19, 34...

4.  If there are 9 boxes, How many balls at least should be there in all boxes to make sure that in one of them there are 6 balls?
 no true answer

5.  Which statement is NOT always true?
 all are true

6.  A can divided into B. And X can be divided into A. Is it for sure that X can be divided into B?

7.  A and B are bigger than C and D. Is it for sure that A*B is bigger than C*D?

8.  If 7 out of 10 people have been to Asia and 7 out of ten have been to Africa, how many people have been to both Asia and Africa for sure?
 at least 4
 at least 6
 at least 7

9.  Which span is longer?
 thousand days
 3 years | Copyright 2006-2008