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Quiz By : JacyJackson00


1.  Who is the main character in Wicked?

2.  Where does Hairspray take place?
 New York
 Los Angeles

3.  What does Les Miserables mean?
 The miserable ones
 Help me I'm sad
 Sadness is amongst

4.  Who sings Sixteen going on Seventeen in the sound of music?

5.  Which song in hairspray is about meeting your first love?
 Without love
 It takes two
 I can hear the bells
 The new girl in town

6.  What do the four friends walk along in The Wizard Of Oz?
 Yellow stones
 Yellow bricks

7.  What is the song In The Sound Of music called when the children say goodnight?
 Sixteen going on seventeen
 So long farewell
 I have confidence

8.  In Wicked, what causes Elphabas skin to turn green at birth?
 No idea
 An alcoholic drink
 It was never mentioned. Ever

9.  What is the first song sung in Hairspray?
 Good morning Baltimore
 Hey momma welcome to the 60s
 Ladies choice

10.  Which song is from Les Miserables?
 The legend of miss Baltimore crabs
 I dreamed a dream
 Over the rainbow
 Not that girl

11.  Where do Elphaba and Galinda first meet in Wicked?
 The forest
 A college
 A corn field
 The scene where the wicked witch of the east died

12.  What is Tracy's best friend in Hairspray named?

13.  Who does Dorothy meet first in The Wizard of Oz?
 The scarecrow
 The lion
 The Tin man

14.  Who sings "I know every step, I know every song. I know there's a place where I belong."
 Glinda the good
 Tracy Turnbland

15.  Which musical takes place in Germany?
 The Wizard Of Oz
 Les Miserables
 The Sound Of Music
 None of the above | Copyright 2006-2008