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Quiz By : JacyJackson00


1.  As a gift, what should he give you?
 Anything with mustaches
 New running shoes
 A gift card to Barnes and noble

2.  What would your first date be like?
 A comedy at a theatre
 A basketball game and then out for ice cream
 Out for dinner. Definitely.

3.  What is your favorite quality in a guy?
 His sense of humor
 His ability to beat everyone at everything

4.  What extracurricular activities would be best?
 Theatre class/drama
 The football team

5.  How would you spend time together?
 Playing pranks and making eachother laugh
 By hanging out during halftime
 Talking in the library. But having fun.

6.  How would you rate this quiz?
 Haha pretty good.
 Ehhh. I could do better
 Very detailed. Hope my results are good | Copyright 2006-2008