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Quiz By : JacyJackson00

celeb sis

1.  What is your style?
 bad girl edgy
 pink, girly, and fluffy
 boots, dresses, and pretty jewelry
 anything that is so this season

2.  what is your favorite color?
 black and gold
 anything that looks good on me!

3.  what is your music style?
 rap and hip hop
 sweet and soulful but upbeat
 country and pop

4.  what is your shoe type?
 edgy spiked boots
 ballet flats
 cowgirl boots
 high heels

5.  how do you wear your hair?
 with colored streaks
 long and loose
 wavy or curly
 constantly up in a bun or ponytail

6.  which song do you prefer?
 somebody to love
 the way
 i knew you were trouble
 blah blah blah

7.  what is your favorite pattern?
 frilly with polka dots
 plain solid colors

8.  how is your locker decorated?
 just a few things tossed in there.
 pink everything with mirrors and glitter
 guitar stickers and tim mcgraw posters
 the new styles from every designer

9.  what hair accessory do you like best?
 hair extensions

10.  who is your favorite one direction member?
 i love them all equally! | Copyright 2006-2008