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Quiz By : BumbleBeez

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1.  Which word describes you best?

2.  What ur favourite food out of...?
 Your enemies BLOOD!!
 Seeds and fruit

3.  What type of music do you like out of...?
 Heavy Metal (Rock)

4.  What do you like to do...?
 Snoop around up to no good
 Eat and laze
 Artistic Art(!)
 Run around and play
 Fighting (or fighting sports eg karate)

5.  Favourite Colour
 Orange and black
 Brown and Red
 Violet and yellow
 Blue and grey
 Green and gold
 White and pink

6.  You are a billionare what do you buy with your money
 Video games and electronics
 Lucious Foods
 Everything in Fashion
 Collectors items
 Torture devices

7.  Whats your ideal holiday destination?
 A field
 Somewhere hot
 Snowy mountains and lakes to swim in

8.  What would you think of if i say the word shape?
 Diamond (Rhombus)

9.  Whats your favourite weather
 Thunder and lightning
 I dont care what damn weather we get(!)
 Windy and tornadoes

10.  What do you think of your life
 I want more fights
 Why should I tell you
 What does that mean?!
 Very Bouncy
 Its perfect everyone seems to love me | Copyright 2006-2008