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Quiz By : JacyJackson00

Mean girl

1.  How do you treat the new kids?
 Blow them off and tell them to move back since there's no room here.
 Show them around. Maybe try to be a friend.
 You say hello and send a smile their way, but that's really it.
 You Ignore them.

2.  How do you treat your friends?
 We disagree sometimes but we are pretty tight.
 Friends? I have minions that I boss around and I hit them with Vera Bradley bags.
 What are these friends you speak of?
 Great! I buy them presents and we always have a blast!

3.  What do you like to wear?
 Clothes I won't get noticed in.
 That new shirt my friend bought me! I love it!
 Anything that is new, sparkly, and custom made. Duh!
 Anything comfortable

4.  How do you treat teachers?
 I buy them little gifts and I try my best to impress them!
 Ehhh. I try my best to do well in their class.
 I ignore them so they'll ignore me.
 The way I want to. I talk back and get in trouble all the time!

5.  How do you treat your parents?
 I'm nice and I try to do a few chores every once in a while.
 I have them do everything for me! Who needs rules?
 I do everything that I'm told. I live my parents and thank them whenever I can.
 I was raised by pigeons. Isn't that right Kevin?

6.  What is your favorite color?
 I don't have a favorite.
 Anything that looks good on me!

7.  Who is your favorite 1D member?
 Definetly Liam! He is so sweet!
 I love them all equally!
 Zayn! I love that boy!

8.  What kind of phone do you have?
 Blackberry! Thanks mom and dad!
 Pantech touch screen AT&T thing
 Pay phone
 iPhone 5!

9.  How do you feel about school dances?
 Hate them.
 I only go to kiss and diss. Ha!
 I love going! They're so much fun!
 I'll go if my BFF is.

10.  Last one. How was this quiz? And will you come back for new ones?
 Hated it. Nope
 It was ok. I might come back
 Loved it! I will totes come back!
 Pretty good. I might show up again. | Copyright 2006-2008