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Quiz By : Journeysv

Which 1d member is for you!

1.  What's ur favorite color!

2.  What's ur favorite saying!
 Vas Happinen!
 Umm..I don't know
 I like carrots!!!

3.  What describes you!and ur style
 I'm loud,funny,and,I like striped clothing!!
 I am calm,nice,smart,and like to dress natural
 I LOVE FOOD!!and is very funny,I like simple clothes
 I'm very intellagent!! I am a little shy but when you get to know me I'm wild!!i like to dress in varsity jakets
 I'm a big flirt!! I am also fun and cheeky!!i love plain white shirts and jeans

4.  This is a little obvious !!... Who do you want!!

5.  Last question... What's the first thing you think of!
 My curly hair!
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