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Quiz By : The Leitwolf

Are You A Werewolf Or Vampire?

1.  Which do you prefer? Night Or day?

2.  You see someone bleeding. You-
 Jump on them and suck their blood.
 You attack them and eat their whole body.

3.  Someone comes up to you and challenges you to a fight. You-
 Jump on them and take their throat out.
 Laugh and walk away. When they grab you to turn you around, you spin in their direction and suck their blood out.

4.  Its daytime, and the sun is shining bright as Hell. You-
 Stay inside and sleep.
 Go into the open world, picking your victims.

5.  The moon is out, and it's full. You-
 Come out of your house, and find the closest thing with blood in it.
 Howl, signaling your power. | Copyright 2006-2008