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Quiz By : The Leitwolf

Are You A Vampire?

1.  It's daytime out, and it's the first day of school. There are no clouds. You-
 Tell your mom you're sick and can't go to school.
 Walk out directly into the sun, feeling nice and fresh, and ready for your first day of school.
 Put on a lot of clothes to cover your skin, even though summers not over.
 Call your friend to tell them what a nice day it is.
 Hurry into the bus and stray from the window. making sure to take your time so you could get inside right when the bell rang.
 Walk to school, because it's a beautiful day and you want to soak it all in.

2.  In school, you smell blood. But you notice it's not just blood, it's a girl on her period. You-
 Attack her, it doesnt matter to you where the blood is coming from.
 Cover your nose and speedily walk away, trying to avoid an attack.
 Cover your nose telling the person next to you that the girl smells.
 Walk up to her and warn her that people can smell her so she can fix it.
 Laugh and point at the girl who smells like genetial blood.
 Fell bad for the girl, but at the same time crave her blood.

3.  The day after the incident, the girl walks up to you and thanks you for warning her, smacks you for being so rude, or is dead from the attack. You-
 (She is dead) Feel ashamed and want to pray to anything that she rests in peace.
 (She is dead) Laugh while you rot in a cell for murder.
 (She thanks you) Tell her you're welcome but still smell the blood on her and you are quick to end the conversation.
 (She thanks you) Smile and tell her that it was the best you could do.
 (She smacks you) Smack her back and get into a fight, resulting in a bloody brawl... Then you suck all the blood from her.
 (She smacks you) Shrug it off, knowing you pretty much deserved it.

4.  When you get home that day, you're hungry. You-
 Cut yourself and drink your blood.
 Grab some bloody meat out of the freezer.
 Get some crackers.
 Bite your dog and suck it's blood (canines are the natural enemy of vampires)
 Cuddle down with your dog that you love so much.
 Get some sprayable cheese and help yourself. | Copyright 2006-2008