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Quiz By : The Leitwolf

Are You A Werewolf?

1.  You notice the moon is out but it's not full. you-
 watch it pass through the sky, as if you're watching over a friend on a journey.
 Want to get home as soon as possible, you don't like the night hours.
 Feel a certain welcoming place in your heart, as if it's time. But for what?
 Have the urge to scream, howl, and attack anything living inrange... But don't
 Go to a party, knowing it's in the Dark Hours and it's time to get wasted.
 Bite your lip, trying to stop the sensation of such power over the moon.

2.  A couple days later the moon is full, and it's at it's most power. You-
 Are going to sit on the roof, and try to spot wolfs that'll eat your chickens.
 Look to the sky and feel fear inside, you know what's coming. And you want to lock yourself up before someone gets hurt.
 Tilt your head up and let loose a long and loud howl to signify to the townsfolk "It's my night!"
 Feel quite a bit stronger, like you have accomplished something... But you don't know what...
 Lay an icepack on your pillow, for the hangover you're suffering from the party last night. (this isn't the one from a couple days ago, yes you went again last night!).
 Go camping in the woods, to feel a little bit more dangerous to others.

3.  The day after the full moon you're tired because you-
 Were out all night with friends.
 Were in the woods, hunting animals with your dad, cookin 'em up, and eating them.
 Take a shower because you're all dirty from your little "adventure" last night ;).
 Are exhausted from killing all those people last night so you could feed on them.
 Get up, the first thing you do is call your friends to tell them how drunk you all were.
 Imagining how good that bloody meat had tasted in your mouth from the hunting trip.

4.  The next day at school your friends talk about what they did over the weekend. they turn to you and ask what you did. You tell them-
 That the full moon was quite the signal for party!
 You had to go away for a little while over the weekend to try some new things....
 You don't talk bout weekends, because they're your "personal time away".
 Tell them you killed dozens of people so you could eat their guts, just so you could see their faces. But tell them later it's a joke because we dont want them to know our dirty little secret ;)
 Hide a little behind someone, you only did hunt those animals, but you didnt just eat them, you devoured them. You are not a satanist.
 Ask them if they saw the news, because you were on it when they reported the noise level at your party.

5.  Someone suspects your... other worldly, and talks to you behind the school about it. You-
 Kill them, for not one person can know what you are.
 Explain you only hunt bad people, and you do not worship the devil.
 Shake your head saying what are you talking about! I was up all night partying! wanna join next time!?
 Tell them you like the taste of bloody meat, but don't exactly know why your crave it.
 Smack them in the face saying, "How dare you accuse me of being a freak!"
 Laugh a little and tell them that they are safe from you. But you think to yourself, "why wouldn't they be?"

6.  A couple weeks later at school, you notice the full moons out in two days. Then in class someone gets paper cut and bleeds everywhere. You-
 Jump on them, craving the blood.
 Get them bandage, but almost can't control yourself with the smell of it.
 Get a bandage, but can't stop looking at all the blood. You even find yourself adiring it a little.
 Start laughing saying that she's "Too dumb for paper!"
 Start to cringe, being disgusted by the sight.
 Smell the blood and think of it on your tongue, but then wonder why you thought such a gruesome thought. | Copyright 2006-2008