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Quiz By : Shadow329826

Sorting Hat

1.  How do you feel about ur self
 Brave, Trustworthy, Confident
 Intelligent, Vast amount of Knolegde
 Loyal, Not the best, Not very Confident
 Sneaky, Secret keeper, Untrustworthy

2.  Which phrase is your favorite
 Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure
 Bravery brings Trust and power in life
 If no one knows your true self, you'll always be safer
 Loyalty is our specialty

3.  Which item sounds best?

4.  which is your favorite character?
 Luna Lovegood
 Harry Potter
 Ronald Weasley
 Draco Malfoy

5.  boy or girl?(this doenst count 4 ur house)
 girl | Copyright 2006-2008