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Quiz By : goldenleaf88

Starclan Quiz

1.  You see a kittypet kit in your territory. What do you do?
 Lead it back.
 Warn it of.
 Warn it of with claws.

2.  In a battle you have pined down an enemy warrior and could end them. What will you do?
 Kill them.
 Show mercy.
 Bit one of thier legs, then let them go

3.  Top 3 guys bottom 3 girls. You have half-clan kits. You or your mate cant keep them. What do you do?
 Say yes. but don't raise them.
 Say no.
 Say yes. but raise them.
 Drown them in river
 Give them up to save clan.

4.  You meet ghostly cat ho can give you great power, but you can't have any thing great power.
 No. I will get my own greatness,

5.  your FAV time of day.

6.  RP:Do you believe in Starclan
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