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Quiz By : cinderpaw

How would you design your future home?

1.  What would be the color of your home?

2.  What would you have in a living room?
 a T.V., a in door pool,and couch
 a T.V.,a fish tank,and couch
 a T.V.,a bookshelf,and couch
 a T.V.,a piano,and couch
 no T.V.,a weird couch,and a wooden table
 i have no home

3.  What would you have in a child's room?
 a bed,T.V.,and fish tank
 a bed, T.V., and a Xbox360
 a bed, T.V., and a drawing table
 a bed,T.V.,and a bookshelf
 i don't want kids
 i can't have kids

4.  What would you have in a backyard?
 a pool,barbique,treehouse
 a pool,table with chairs,basketball hoop
 a play area
 i don't know
 i don't have home | Copyright 2006-2008