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Quiz By : Javiervallestero

Idioms: animals

1.  If you are like a bull in a china shop, you are...
 just browsing in a shop
 very careful
 very clumsy
 free as a bird

2.  When you buy a pig in a poke, you...
 are bringing home the bacon
 don't really know what you're buying
 know there might be a surprise in it
 will get anything but a pig

3.  If a cat's got your tongue, you...
 were kissing the cat
 love cats
 are shy
 are bold

4.  A cock-and-bull story is...
 a silly and unlikely story
 a story that animal lovers usually tell
 a story about people with opposite personalities
 a story about how a cock made love to a bull

5.  If you eat like a horse, you...
 are a vegetarian
 eat a lot
 have no table manners
 eat very little

6.  When a company or an organisation is going to the dogs, it is...
 trying to sell dog food
 becoming worse
 becoming better
 dogged by incompetence

7.  If you have a whale of a time, you...
 have too much time on your hands
 go whaling
 have a very good time
 have a terrible time

8.  When a person has bats in the belfry, they...
 like to do moonlighting
 are crazy or eccentric
 are blind drunk
 are experts on nocturnal birds

9.  If you do something to keep the wolf from the door, you...
 try to avoid a wolf attack
 bring out a better product than the competition
 manage to get the bare necessities of life
 outsmart your worst enemy

10.  When a person smells a rat, they...
 become suspicious of something
 know everything will come up roses
 complain about somebody's flatulence
 have an advantage when doing business | Copyright 2006-2008