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Quiz By : Javiervallestero

The English language

1.  Who brought English to the British Isles?
 Attila, King of the Huns
 Cristopher Columbus
 Germanic tribes
 The Celts

2.  Which two languages have influenced English the most?
 Italian and Spanish
 Portuguese and French
 Greek and Latin
 Latin and French

3.  How many words and expressions did William Shakespeare contribute to English?
 about 1,000
 about 2,000
 about 5,000
 about 10,000

4.  Who wrote the first major dictionary of the English language?
 Queen Elisabeth I
 John Middleton
 Samuel Johnson
 Francisco S├ínchez Benedito

5.  How many native English speakers are there in the world?
 around 250 million
 around 380 million
 around 400 million
 around 500 million

6.  Which country has the largest number of native English speakers?
 The UK
 The USA

7.  How many vowels are there in British English?

8.  How is English learned in Spain?
 as a chore
 as a foreign language
 as a pain in the neck
 as a second language

9.  What percentage of Spaniards speak English?

10.  What percentage of Spaniards speak English very well?
 40% | Copyright 2006-2008