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Quiz By : Krystal Maralyn1

Do you want to know what akatsuki would be your boyfriend?

1.  What is youre favorite color?

2.  Lets role play, shall we?
 No! F*** you! I dont wanna f****** role play!
 No... wait, will you pay me?
 No! *blows you up*
 ....... Do I have to?
 I dont have to listen to you... Im a god

3.  You are running trough the woods, trying to escape a killer, who do you think is going to save you?
 Tobi! He loves me! he will save me!

4.  So Hidan comes and slices the man in half, how do you react?
 Kiss him, Im so glad hes here!
 Walk away, I really dont care...
 Tell him to get back to work
 Ask him if he wants to go to the beach
 Run away screaming, I might be next!
 Hug him and prance home

5.  Ok, now its another night, youre out for a walk when you get the feeling youre being watched, what do you do?
 Use my sharingan to see if anyones there
 start swinging my sword until I hit something
 ignore it and wait for the person to show themself or wait for the feeling to go away
 scream at the wind asking whos there
 pray to jashin that i kill this person
 *sniff sniff* cry and be scared

6.  Tobi comes out and tells you hes a good boy, now what do you do?
 *sigh* at least it wasnt someone dangerous
 smack him and walk back to the hideout
 blow him up and leave, that freak is always following me...
 D***! I cant kill him, leader sama would murder me, f***!
 *glomp him* im so happy it wasnt a ghost!
 drag him back to the hideout and give him a really hard mission he would most likely die on

7.  Ok, end of role play!
 Thank Jashin!
 Ok, now pay up...
 alright, whatever

8.  What would you do if someone told you to go die in a hole?
 Blow them up
 Kill them with a puppet, perhaps turn them into one in the process...
 cry, i dont wanna die!
 Swear like Ive never sworn before, then sacrifice them
 Use my sharingan to send them to a world of despair
 destroy them, nobody insults a god

9.  Whats your favorite food?
 fish, perferably sushi
 i dont eat
 anything that doesnt cost much...

10.  Favorite activity or hobbie?
 Worshiping Jashin
 Counting money
 playing pranks

11.  ok, finally done, I know its not great but its my first one, ok, bye now!
 F*** yes! Good riddance!
 see ya...
 Bye! | Copyright 2006-2008