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Quiz By : Moonfeather6666

Which one direction boy is for you?!!

1.  Which is your favourite one direction guy?

2.  You want a guy whos....
 old fashioned and humorous?
 charming and mysterious?
 Smart and sweet
 funny and spoils you
 flirty and adorable

3.  preffered hair colour?
 dark brown
 light brown
 crazy colours

4.  preffered eye colour?
 Bright sparkling blue
 emerald green
 chocolate brown

5.  Favorite thing to do in your free time out of these?
 play video games
 read a good book
 play sport tipe games
 hang out with mates

6.  what is your personality like?
 smart and supportive
 mysterious and a great sense of adventure
 sweet and romantic
 funny and talkative
 open and free spirited

7.  it is important to have in a relationship...

8.  what do you look for most in a guy?

9.  how was this quiz?
 it was great! i cant wait to see which boy is for me!
 it was a good one ;)
 i liked it
 i hated it
 it was terrible
 thanks i really liked it | Copyright 2006-2008