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Quiz By : minkapixy123

Which Harry Potter Character are you?

1.  what colour is your hair
 blond and always perfect
 messy and brown
 strait and black
 red head

2.  What family would you most like to be part of ;D
 The Potters
 The Weaslys
 The Grangers
 The Malfoys ;D

3.  What type of 'blood' are you
 Pure blood but i could not care less
 im a pure blood but some people think my family is a discrase to pure bloods =(
 muggle born
 half blood

4.  Role play time XD
 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *cries in corner*
 just get on with it !

5.  You are walking down the corridor when a girl who is only in their first year and has muggle parents bumps into you make you and her drop your books what do you say
 say its ok after they say sorry
 remain silent and keep walking

6.  you bump into your enemey in the hall what do you say
 Shove off!
 Twichy Little ferret!

7.  ok end off role plays
 YESSSSSSSSSS! *puches the air*

8.  What is your fav phrase?????
 Bloody Hell!
 My Father will hear about this!

9.  what do people think of you?
 brave kind friendly
 bossy but kind and helpful
 stupid git!
 just cccooooooooooolllllllllll!!!111

10.  did u like this
 it was ok
 i don know? =3

11.  lol hi lol hi lol hi u r so cool if you did this quiz !!!!!! TY!!!!! XD
 ok then
 thats nice
 * my father will hear about this! * | Copyright 2006-2008