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Quiz By : cinderpaw

Reptiles Everywhere!!!

1.  First thing is first... what type of creature would you be?
 Puff Adder
 Saltwater Crocodile
 King Cobra

2.  Where would you live in?
 South America
 southern Africa
 sotheast Africa
 southeast Asia
 I don't KNOW! In the desert

3.  What would you do?
  kill people
 eat your own food
 be in the water
 relax in the shade
 go to sleep

4.  Would you be a MALE or a FEMALE?
 Doesn't matter
  I don't know!

5.  If you are a female... would you mate and have babies OR just mate
 Just mate
 Mate and have babies
 I don't know
 Doesn't really matter
 I'm not a FEMALE!

6.  If you are a male would you be a father and have babies with a mate OR would you you just mate?
 Just mate
 Mate and be a father
 I don't know
 Doesn't matter
 I'm not a MALE!

7.  Last question... would you have a happy life?
 yes of course!!!
 Doesn't matter
 I don't know
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