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Quiz By : Gsage1419

What werewolf are you

1.  What is your favorite color
 Doesn't matter

2.  If someone is trying to kill you what do you do
 Rip them apart
 Eat them
 Bring them back to the tribe... Time for a feast
 Stealthy kill them... Slowly and painfully
 Turn them into a lycan

3.  Your under attack from vampires what do you rather do
 Lead the attack
 Make a plan
 Run... I hate vampires
 Pick them off one by one
 Drain their power

4.  What are you?
 Strong and angry
 A good person who does the right thing
 Good at making things
 Small but hyper

5.  What do you do in a fight
 I think out every detail and attack
 Protecting people
 Provide supplies
 Kill them... YES BLOOD
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