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Quiz By : catlover35

What animal r u?

1.  Do you like the nice cool water in summer times?
 I totaly love the water in the summer! Its my fav place!
 No i hate the water! ITS FREEZING
 I guess but i also like dark
 Only to catch fish!
 Only if its in the dark!

2.  What do u prefer?
 A nice camp in the woods so i also can hunt
 water, meat, dark caves, and room to hang around
 Great amount of space, trees, and lots of worms
 A nice pond in the peaceful forest
 Caves caves and more caves

3.  Do you like hunting, fishing for worms, fruit, fruit and hunting large things, or seaweeds?
 Hunting, best thing in the world
 Fruit and hunting all i need! :D
 Worms are the best!
 Seaweed for best purpose
 Fruit nothing else except the darkness

4.  What is yo FAV color?
 Black ans grey
 Dirty green
 Pure blackness

5.  Did you like this quiz? :-)
 Yes! Of course y would i not?
 Not sure
 No, i rather kill you! (runs for life)
 Its oookkkkk i guess (me: :/) | Copyright 2006-2008