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Quiz By : seahorse2003

warrior cat quiz-what warrior cat are you?

1.  a kit is trapped in a fire. what do you do?
 watch it burn and DIE!
 jump into the flames and save it.
 extinguish the flames and make sure the kit is safe.
 jump over the flames and save the kit.

2.  your leader has died. how do you react?
 he was a fine leader.
 she was a nice leader, and i will grieve for her.
 i wish he were still alive.

3.  your mate has just had a litter of kits. what do you say?
 they are the cutest things!
 i will slaughter them tonight!
 they will grow into fine warriors.
 this one is nice and strong.

4.  how is the forest to you?
 what kind of question is that? your wasting my time when i could be thinking of an EVIL PLOT!
 its nice, especially when it's greenleaf.
 its spacey, the breeze ruffles my fur.
 it lets you get a taste outside of camp.

5.  what best describes your loyalty to your clan?
 risking my own life for my clan.
 being side by side with my clan every step of the way.
 may be switching my clan, but always loyal to the one i'm in. | Copyright 2006-2008