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Quiz By : zelda0218

Are you my Friend

1.  whats my favourite color scheme?
 Blue, green and everything inbetween
 how am I meant ta know! Seriously mate
 Green, Blue, Orange, Red, and bright fluro colors
 All colors
 I dont care

2.  What are three animals I'm scared of?
 spiders, bugs and SNAKES!!
 Dogs, wombats and... HIPPOSSSSSS
 me, me and guess what! ME!! MWA HA HA!!!
 Lizards, Ants, and toads

3.  Fav foods
 cheese, pasta and curry
 hotdogs, icecream and candy floss!
 frogs, voles and whatever else warrior cats eat!
 Pad thai, pizza and lasagne
 everything warrior cats eat!

4.  interests?
 piano and being a author
 flute, and being a cook

5.  last am I a girl or boy? (I think its obvious but anyway...)
 tom cat

6.  Note: Number 6 was in Thai you can translate it in Google Translate. PS No offense
 danke german
 tack swedish
 gracias spaish
 thankyou (my language (do not use spaces)
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