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Quiz By : Warriors

Whats your warrior name

1.  RP.A fox has stole a kit and has ate it what do u do
 Kill it
 get the leader or deputy
 sit in vigel for the kit even its in the fox
 Try to get the kit out

2.  Your friend has kits with the she/he cat u love
 sit there stunned
 kill both of them
 never talk to ether of them

3.  What fresh kill do u like the most
 mouse and vole
 CROW.....YUCK favorite lol

4.  your by the thunderpath when u see 3 kits in the middle what do u do
 save them of course
 save them with your life
 watch them die
 think about it
 get scard and run away
 what if i get hit my clan needs my sorry kits i cant help u

5.  your attacked by shadow clan and riverclan at same time what do u do
 kill whats ever in your way even your own clan
 i cant im a Queen
 fight with your life but u die in the end
 fight by your leaders side
 heal your clan

6.  what color eyes do u what

7.  what clan do u what˙nt

8.  what pelt do u like the most

9.  what rank

10.  did u like?
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