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Quiz By : lionqueen

ac,would you love ezio or altair

1.  what do you do best?
 fly o.o

2.  if your lover was dying you would......
 cry his death
 get revenge
 i got to be strong
 i need help

3.  how would you describe your lover?

4.  what animal would you compare him to?
 a playfull cat
 a fierce lion
 a wild tiger
 a great eagle
 a fast wolf
 a noisy dog

5.  pick a song
 viva la vida-coldplay
 no lie-drake&2chainz
 my chick bad-ludicris
 in those jeans-ginuwine
 soldier's side-soad
 all of the lights-kanye west

6.  what do you like about your man?
 the romantic accent
 how good he is at fighting
 the cold look in his eyes
 the foreign words he says
 the strong body he has
 that dark look on his face

7.  pick a random sentence
 what the barnicles
 oh my goooood!!
 dios mios
 you moron,what were you thinking!?
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