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Quiz By : zelda0218

Warrior cat Name, Rank, Clan, Description, Family and some History

1.  Are you/would you be a she-cat or tom? (Sorry if i've made any mistakes. I dont think I have but...Who knows! PS I'm not sure why but apparantly I've got six cats but I havent so...I dont know whats gonna happen!)

2.  What is your rank?
 Medicine cat!
 Warrior! (tom)
 Warrior! (she-cat)

3.  What clan would you be in? (These aren't actually my clans)
 Windclan or Thunderclan
 Shadowclan or Thunderclan

4.  If you/or your mate had three kits a tawny she-cat, a grey tom with lighter flecks and a white she-cat what would you call them?
 Tawnykit, Stormkit, and Cloudkit!
 Starlingkit, Greykit and Frostkit
 Robinkit, Ospreykit and Harekit
 Wrenkit, Piegonkit and Goosekit
 Finchkit, Slatekit and Swankit

5.  What would you call Badgerpaw a Black apprentice with white spots, a missing ear and bright green eyes?

6.  What colour is your pelt?
 Brown with white splotches
 Grey with black stripes

7.  Did you like the quiz?
 Sort of
 Not really
 Not at all
 I'll give you a 8/10 | Copyright 2006-2008