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Quiz By : lionqueen

ac3,is coonnor your father

1.  if connor told you to wait in the bush but you saw him about to be killed,what would you do?
 i'll help him of course.
 i'll just stay here,i hope he dies
 cry a bit
 wait and see what happens
 run away
 i hope he makes it,i'll wait and see

2.  if you were hiding in a bush and redcoats saw you and threaten to kill you,but connor tries to help you get out of there,what would happen?
 i'd run off when they're all not looking
 i'd just hide behind connor's back
 help fight
 he'd save me and i'd thank him
 help me please *crying*

3.  if you were in got into some trouble with redcoats what would you do?
 run away
 blame connor
 fight them off
 just surrender
 what did i do????
 act silly

4.  finish this sentence, connor you are one_
 dumb ass
 crezy cat
 wild cat
 wild man
 wicked boy

5.  what age would you be? (any age is fine)
 1,im still a baby
 5,im still training
 10,im almost a teen
 13,im a teen
 20,im an adult
 100,IM A LEGEND !

6.  if connor said he was going to a war against redcoats and you know that there's a 63% chance of him dying,you would_
 say,nooooo don't go!
 say,fine noones stopping you
 id rather see him die
 follow him maybe i could help
 id be worried
 are you crazy,you'll get your head blown off!

7.  pick a song
 father time-loyd banks
 pump it-blackeyedpeas
 stanky leg-gswag
 nuthing but a gthang-snoop dogg
 party rock-lmfao | Copyright 2006-2008