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Quiz By : lionqueen

ac3 does connor like you?

1.  what would you do if you were on a roof and connor saw you on and yelled,get down from there, your gonna hurt yourself?
 im sorry,i just like high places.
 you can't tell me what to do.
 bug off,or should i have to call the guards?
 why am i on the roof anyway?
 oh sorry,i know this is dangerous,but i can't help it.

2.  if connor came at you with a knife,but turns out he was a bit scared of you for sneaking up on him,what would you do?
 run away
 pull out a knife
 say,please don't hurt me
 say, what is your problem dude?
 try to kill him
 fall to your knees and cry

3.  if you see connor running from the redcoats(british soilders),about to get killed,what would you do?
 watch as he gets shot at and stabed
 help him fight
 i don't what to do
 do something to make the redcoats chase you
 convince them to let him go
 help the redcoats kill him

4.  what would you do if he bumped in into you and somehow finds out that you stole some food?
 run away
 sorry i can't help myself
 stare at him and say, so
 stare at him for a long time
 walk away like its nothing
 say,i do this for servival

5.  RP TIME,you are in the forest looking for your pet lion,and you see your lion about to attack connor, what would you do.
 call for your pet
 stand and watch
 run over there to stop the fight

6.  RP,you're running from a bunch of redcoats and when they can't see you jump into a small house but you also jump into connor,he's hiding from the coats're laying on top of him and you're both confused,what would you do?
 eww get off me!
 hello there!
 get up and run
 kill him
 who are you ?

7.  what would you do if connor kidnaped you?
 let me go!
 uhh ,what are you doing
 stab him
 hiss at him like a cat
 kick him and run
 hit him in the head

8.  last question,pick a song.
 i will not bow-3 days grace
 i feel like a monster-skillet
 just like me-jamie foxx
 roger that-lil wayne
 smooth criminal-micheal jackson
 slow down-bobby v | Copyright 2006-2008