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Quiz By : Emeraldcoral

How werewolf am I?

1.  The moon is...
 in the sky...

2.  are you feeling ill or have you recently?
 um.. i had a cold
 No, why
 i had a very serious cough
 yes actuatly, i had a really high temperature and kept being sick
 none of the above

3.  if you could have any of these superpowers, what would they be?
 super senses

4.  do you already have super senses?
 not particulary
  um, i have good eyesight
 no but 2 of my senses are linked
 yes, i can hear things my friends can't
 my skin is very sensative...

5.  what colour are you eye?
 brown, nearly black, green or hazel
 blue, blue and..........
 2 tone

6.  would you be the alpha female/male
 god no!
 yes, i think i could pull it off
 if i was given the choice
 probably not | Copyright 2006-2008