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Quiz By : Ravenpaw50

How well do you really know Edgar Allen Poe?

1.  In what tale did a girl get stuffed up a chimney?
 The Masque of the Red Death
 The Cask of Amontillado
 The Murders in Rue Morge
 The Man in Tthe Croud

2.  What Tale is Edgar Allen Poe famous for?
 Tell -TaleHeart
 Annabel Lee

3.  Did he ever write a poem about a girl who was lost at sea?

4.  Edgar Allen Poe wrote Tales of__________and_____________.

5.  Who cared for Edgar when he was a child?
 Aunt and Uncle
 Foster Home
 Mom and Dad

6.  Who did Edgar Allen Poe marry first?
 Cousin(girl) | Copyright 2006-2008