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Quiz By : Warrior424

?¿?What's Your warrior cats clan?¿?

1.  What do you enjoy more?
 The wind/ a cool breeze
 The water as the fish swim by so freely
 The stars and the sky

2.  Who is your favorite leader?
 The past leaders up in the sky

3.  Who is your favorite Deputy?
 The past deputy's that have died as a leader or deputy

4.  Was this quiz fun, did you like it? Was it lame and dumb? Please choose and tell the truth!
 My grateful clan thunderclan says it was good
 My clan " Shadowclan" thinks a rat could do better then this garbage!
 Let Windclan speak now it could of been better but u tried to make me enjoy it.
 Riverclan is truly grateful for this um uh…masterpiece I guess but we think a bowl of fish scales would be better.
 You have done well young warrior it was enjoyable from your past friends starclan. | Copyright 2006-2008