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Quiz By : zelda0218

Another warrior cat name quiz!

1.  Do you want to become leader of your clan.
 No its too much of a responsibilty.
 Nonsense. I'm a queen.
 I'm too old, in a moon or two I'll retire from my warrior duies
 I already am!

2.  Are you a she cat or tom?

3.  Do you want a mate?
 Yes, my love is Reedpelt we will be mates soon I hope
 No but I have a crush on Lavenderclaw... I just cant help myself its natural.
 I already have one, Freshstar and we have to kits Jamkit and milkkit.
 I had one bu she died from eating a poisoned mouse, ou-MY kit is Brightkit
 IYes but suprisingly I don't have one, if I could choose a cat I'd have Saltpelt

4.  You see a injured cat lying by the river what do you do?
 Get the medicine cat
 Watch it die
 Try to help it
 I'm to old too walk or run over to it time so I'll tell the medicine cat
 Give it Poppyseed then get the medicine cat.

5.  What do you do in your spare time?
 Talk to Reedpelt
 Ask to go on a borer patrol otherwise i hunt
 Look after my kits
 I dont have spare time im the leader!

6.  What clan are you in?
 Bush clan
 Unluckily Rose clan
 I think I'm in Iceclan... My old memory is getting worse
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