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Quiz By : sunset5

Which Warrior Cat are you from my Clan, DawnClan?

1.  Which pelt color do you prefer?

2.  Eye color?

3.  Pick a rank:
 Med cat

4.  Which is your favorite of the regular six Clans?

5.  Pick an element:
 Darkness and/or Light

6.  Out of these books, which is your favorite? (If you don't any, just answer one that sounds cool)
 The Hunger Games (Lots will know this lol)
 Twilight (lots will know this too, though some may not exactly like it)
 Harry Potter (another biggie)
 Nancy Drew
 Warriors!! (LOL duh)
 The Heroes of Olympus series

7.  Do you like Warrior Roleplay sites?
 Never been to one

8.  Which thing in nature do you enjoy most?
 The trees
 Bodies of water

9.  (Sorry if I haven't been doing much RP...questions 9 and 10 will be rps...) Your crush has taken on your best friend as a mate, and another cat that you don't know well asks you if you want to be their mate, what do you do? mate, then
 Take on the other cat
 I can't have a mate!
 Beg your crush to be your mate once they're finished with your friend
 Challenge your friend to a fight
 I'll take the other cat...for now

10.  Another Clan attacks your Clan unexpectedly, what do you do?
 Fight for my Clan!
 Lead the elders and queens to shelter before launching yourself into battle
 Prepare my herbs and protect them
 Fight alongside my Clanmates!
 Protect my kits | Copyright 2006-2008