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Quiz By : Kitsuto16

Are you stalking me?

1.  Who's Rex?
 A Dinosaur
 Your dog
 Your friend
 A black and brown dog character
 The creepy Sonic looking thing
 Your Pokemon

2.  Who's my fox character with Rex?

3.  What's my favourite Eeveelution?

4.  What was my first Fakemon originally named?

5.  Who is my char Dexter?
 Dexter's Lab
 Drex's twin
 Rex's father
 Oishi's son
 No one
 Foxy's Uncle

6.  What was my first Dragon Cave egg?
 Crimson Flare
 The creepy Xmas one

7.  What colours are Oishi's fur
 She's a Dragon, Oishi Blue!
 Orange white and brown
 Red and silver

8.  "You're smothered in smother but I can _____ ___ ___"
 Still eat you
 Still see you
 Still pop you
 Still win pie
 Still not win
 Still not eat


10.  Old Granny Applebee lives on what street?
 Apple St
 Granny Blv
 Oyster Sto-Lo Rd
 Drinkwater Rd
 Dreadlocks Ave
 Jinglepot Rd

11.  What's funny to me?
 yo momma
 yo face | Copyright 2006-2008