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Quiz By : AK47~girl

Which disney princess are you?

1.  What colour eyes do you have?
 light brown
 Dark brown

2.  Do you leave the house alot?
 My father won't let me.
 Where ever the wind goes, I go. (alot)
 To go the shops and mostly the libary.
 Yes, quite alot.
 To go to work/school.

3.  Do you know who you wan't to marry?
 No, my father decides that.
 I know who I want to marry. But we just cant be together.
 No, not with all them boy's chasing me.
 I have a little crush.
 Don't have time for that! Too much stuff to do!
 Nope. Not at all.

4.  Do boy's go after you all the time?
 ALL the time.
 I've already been purposed to! (asked out)
 There is one REALLY ANNOYING boy!
 Not really.
 I think? I don't really pay attention.
 Umm...I don't know.

5.  What would your ideal man be like?
 Poor, Dark, black hair.
 A bit selfish but loveable, light, blonde hair
 Tall, long dark hair, charming, blue eyes
 Fighter, kind, FIT!
 Tall, dark, popular, handsome.
 Just overall...SEXY!

6.  What would be your ideal outfit for a party or prom?
 Short trousers and short top.
 A big golden gown
 Long tight dress. Red, Blue and Pink
 A big green lace dress
 A long straight purple dress

7.  Do you love your family?
 They are a bit over protective...they will barely let me leave the house
 Yes. I love them like anyone else would.
 Yes, I would g to jail with a beast for them.
 Yes. I just wish to protect them.
 I work hard for them. And help them with there dreams.
 Family? What family?!

8.  What do you do in your spare time?
 Play with animals
 Run wild and free.
 Honour my family....well TRY to.
 Work! Work! Work!
 Whatever I can do in this boring place.

9.  Which is your favorite disney princesses out of these:

10.  Which is your favourite disney prince out of these:
 Jonh Smith
 Prince Naveen
 Flynn | Copyright 2006-2008