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Quiz By : dcarterfan

Which Zoey 101 character are you?

1.  Which word best describes you?
 Self confident, good looking, a jerk... awesome, I have so many qualities!

2.  You have a crush. You:
 Blab about it to all my friends
 Fake an acting problem and ask them to help me with it
 Keep it a secret
 Make fun of them
 Find out if they like me
 Make a love potion

3.  Your class is making a time capsul. What do you put in it?
 A video of me describing me life
 Lyrics. I'm better with my voice than with instrumments
 Music. I'm beter with instruments than my voice
 Nothing. I'll act out an excuse as of why.
 A picture of me. You're welcome citizens of the future!
 My clothes. They really describe me!

4.  which character do you like the most?
 zoey is my fav. girl, and michael is the best boy!
 Logan. He's awesome!
 Quinn! She's just like me!

5.  You're getting a new roomate. You:
 Tell them to stay out of my stuff and out of my way!
 Fake another roomate. I'm not getting a new one!
 Find out if I could choose my own roomate
 Whatever my other roomate does
 Hope they don't make fun of me!
 Deal with it

6.  Which part would you play in a school play?
 Well, I'd have wrote it, so I'll probably be the director.
 The lead, but just because I'll be able to kiss the co-lead
 Anyone. I'm a great actor! I can do any challenge you give me!
 The part my friend says is coolest.
 I'll try for the lead, just cause it sounds like fun!
 YUK!!! Acting? No, not my style.

7.  If I'm upset, I can be calmed down by:
 My girlfriend or boyfriend
 Taking it out on my friends
 My best friend
 Making an invention
 Singing and joking

8.  What kind of movie would you like to see?
 I don't care for movies
 What ever my date wants to watch
 A movie where I could learn off of good actors | Copyright 2006-2008